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Your home for this vacation, la Mariposa Hotel

Thanks to the great variety of offers, you may not know how to choose when to stay in Costa Rica. Are you looking for comfort, comfort, nature, good food and quality service? Your place la Mariposa Hotel.

When you visit Costa Rica, you do not want to miss any detail, any place, that is why it is important to know the Pacific coast well, and to stay in the best accommodation in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, as is the la Mariposa Hotel, where you will be. At the highest point of Manuel Antonio, and you will have access to the Best Catamarans in Costa Rica and thus have the best experience. A Catamaran Tour in Costa Rica is a very good idea, where you can appreciate one of the main attractions of this country, its marine life, and explore its deep waters and arrive at the best Manuel Antonio Hotel.

The best Catamarans in Costa Rica will make you delirious, with unique experiences, and allowing you to appreciate marine species that are in danger of extinction and others that you will only be able to see in our waters, where Snorkeling, Whale and Dolphin Sightings merge and the best view of the Pacific Coast, ideal for the whole family, with the smallest of things, with recreational activities for all ages where they will raise awareness about the natural habitat, and for adults a bar, music, and more.

 The Catamaran Tour Costa Rica in the afternoon is usually done by couples, newlyweds, people looking for romantic moments, fun, relaxation, to meet people and enjoy some drinks on board, while the Costa Rican twilight perches in front of them, giving it an intimate, romantic and unforgettable touch.

That and much more offer you the Stay in Costa Rica, and the la Mariposa Hotel as your hotel of confidence and security. There are many Hotels in Costa Rica with sea views, but La Mariposa Hotel is at the top, as is its location, at the highest point of Manuel Antonio, in Quepos, with a beautiful panoramic view from its rooms and facilities. of more than 360 degrees, not to mention the privileged view of the entire Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio National Park.

In this Costa  Rica Hotel  you will be able to relax, rest, and spend the luxury and to the maximum with all your family, either on vacation, on your Manuel Antonio Honeymoon in or for business, with more than 40 years offering quality services , its staff will make you feel at home, giving you only the best care.

 You will not always be able to find Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Lodging  with all these characteristics, so do not hesitate any more, if you ask for the best Manuel Antonio Costa  Rica Hotels, without a doubt anyone will tell you that the la Mariposa  Hotel is what you are looking for.

You decide the one that best suits you and your tastes, each of them is well equipped to make your stay at La Mariposa Hotel the best, either with your partner, either among the best Costa Rica Honeymoon is our Manuel Antonio Hotel, or on your family vacation, for you always, the best service.