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What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2021?

Did you know that 22% of people say that “travel” is one of their top resolutions for the new year?

A new year is beginning, so now is the right time to put together your list of resolutions for 2021.

A list of New Year’s Resolutions is one that often includes a wide variety of objectives, such as ‘get fit’, ‘eat better’, ‘spend more time with family’, and a study by the University of Boston has revealed that, for 22% of people, travel is on the list for the new year.

And that’s why we are going to list for you here all the reasons why Costa Rica should be your next travel destination.

Number 1: Costa Rica is a natural paradise.

Costa Rica is a unique travel destination because of its greatest asset: its outstanding natural landscape of travel-brochure beaches, virgin rainforest, and active volcanoes.

Put city, towns and museum visits to one side; the outstanding attraction that Costa Rica has to offer is its nature and biodiversity. This is so rich, so extensive, and so varied that it represents without doubt the number one reason for discovering Costa Rica.

Number 2: Costa Rica’s Movie-Paradise Beaches

It goes without saying that Costa Rica is a coastal country, lapped on both sides by the ocean. This makes it a part of the world well-endowed with beautiful beaches. The east coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea, the west by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, where our very own Hotel Mariposa is found.

Despite the fact that it is the Caribbean coast that has always been the best known, the Pacific coast of Costa Rica has truly stunning beaches, such as the one at Manuel Antonio. Most of them are long, the fine white sand stretching away into the distance, touched by the surrounding tropical vegetation. They suit both hammock and surf board equally, a place for sports-lovers and adventure seekers. 

Number 3: National Park Nature Reserves

Thanks to Costa Rica’s policy of conservation and sustainable tourism, the national parks are kept in excellent condition, with the principles of conversation, security, and cleanliness well in evidence. They are another of the wonders of the country, especially if you bear in mind that almost anywhere that you can visit in Costa Rica forms part of a nature reserve. One of the most visited of these, known for its extraordinary diversity of species of flora and fauna, is the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Number 4: Costa Rica’s Climate

Like many tropical countries, the temperature in Costa Rica is predictable and stable, remaining within a very comfortable range throughout the year.

The main difference between the seasons is not the temperature, but the probability of rain. Summer runs from December to April in Costa Rica and represents the driest season.

There is some rain most months but, if you manage to avoid the heaviest rains which usually fall in October, you can rest assured that the climate is another great reason to choose Costa Rica as a travel destination.

Number 5: Costa Rica is a safe country

Costa Rica is one of the safest and most stress free countries in Latin America in terms of your security, especially for the tourists who are particularly well respected and looked after by the locals.

Number 6: The Kindness of the Costa Ricans.

When you stop to think about it, one of the things that most affects the experience of travel, wherever you may go, are the people that you meet during your stay in a country.

Costa Rica is one of those countries which will be sure to leave you with a good impression of its people, thanks to their openness and great hospitality. The Costa Rican culture is one of the warmest, best mannered, and most respectful that you might come across.

You only have to cross the threshold of any bar or business, or simply start a conversation with one of the locals to experience the warmth of this welcome first hand.

Number 7: The Costa Rican love for their country

One of the great pleasures of visiting Costa Rica is witnessing the pride and love for their country shown by the Costa Rican people.

Costa Rica offers its visitors a huge range of adventure tours which give tourists the perfect opportunity to get to know first hand the quirks and qualities of the Costa Rican locals. And you will find that Costa Ricans are not only great advocates of their country and their culture, but they are also the first in line to enjoy opportunities to explore the natural treasures of their own land.

These are the main reasons why 23% of people who visit Costa Rica return to Costa Rica for another visit during their lifetime.

Because Nature’s Paradise is, and will remain, Costa Rica, and her beautiful Manuel Antonio.

We look forward to welcoming you here at Hotel Mariposa.


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