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Venture to spend a few relaxing days in Costa Rica

White sand beaches, immaculate waters and tropical jungles plagued by animals. Hotel La Mariposa offers you all the necessary comforts to make your visit completely satisfying and comforting.

The area of Puntarenas, being the most important commercial fishing area in Costa Rica, from the beginning the landscape allows you to appreciate the biodiversity of the largest bird species in Central America, within them are the pelicans and toucans. In Manuel Antonio, you will have many alternatives to do different activities outside The Hotel La Mariposa, such as kayaking, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and canoeing.

Spend the best vacations of your life, in Costa Rica, enjoying Manuel Antonio Catamaran. ¿Who doesn’t enjoy being on board a Catamaran in Manuel Antonio? While you are staying in one of the best Costa Rica Hotels, such as the La Mariposa Hotel.

Costa Rica is a country full of wonderful places to enjoy, forests, jungles, rivers, volcanoes, beaches and places to explore with beautiful landscapes and even more the surroundings of incredible Manuel Antonio National Park, which is very close to our Hotel in Manuel Antonio, and that you can see the amount of landscapes and hidden places that the Pacific coast offers you, is not for nothing the favorite among tourists from all over the world.

In Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica we offer you different options of Costa Rica Accommodations, either to spend your honeymoon in Manuel Antonio, or family vacations at the best Hotel in Manuel Antonio, La Mariposa Hotel, for you to enjoy with the whole family, and delight in its beaches, with its exquisite marine fauna ranging from small gold fish to humpback whales and dolphins that come to life in the seas of Costa Rica.

¿What is the best activity to do in Costa Rica? It is undoubtedly a Fullday in Catamaran in Manuel Antonio full of emotion, fun, while you learn and enjoy all the marine life and the spectacular panoramic view in front of you, makes it a perfect complement for an unforgettable day, once you get to rest in the comfortable rooms of our La Mariposa Hotel.

The Stay in Costa Rica  offers you complete packages so attractive that you will not have to look for more options, you have the restaurant “Le Papillon” that has the most famous panoramic views in the world and a renowned menu of haute cuisine, the “sunset bar and lounge”, where its main attraction is to enjoy a delicious cocktail while watching the stunning sunsets that this coast offers-.

Some of the lodging options include the penthouse, this room is the perfect nest for romance. It has a panoramic view of the beach and the tropical jungle. Watch the sunset from the comfort of your spacious room through its large windows or from its terrace with jacuzzi.

Displaying more than 45 years of service, the Hotel La Mariposa is a union between Costa Rican autochthonous design, antiquity and current comforts, its facilities are in the top of the best accommodations in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.

The Hotel La Mariposa in Costa Rica, perfectly captures the beauty and fascinating charm of Manuel Antonio, enjoy the sea view and its exceptional dishes, its famous views and its outstanding five star service, is an escape from another level!

Our facilities are fully equipped, according to the demands and needs of all our guests, managing to offer a comfortable and safe stay; in addition the Hotel in Manuel Antonio has easy access to nearby places such as the beach, trails and waterfalls.

A curious fact that you can experience during your stay at Hotel La Mariposa Costa Rica, is the area of Puntarenas, a super commercial fishing area in Costa Rica, which will give you an incredible experience, to admire and delight with the biodiversity of unique and varied species in this beautiful country.

In the Hotel La Mariposa the fun, tranquility, comfort, quality service and feel like in paradise is part of the day to day, we invite you to have your camera ready to capture the most beautiful scenery and moments during your Stay and Explore Manuel Antonio  Costa Rica even more in this heavenly Manuel Antonio Lodging.