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Today we are looking back on one of our most special moments of the past year, the wedding of Mindi-Elyse Vasquez and Kyle Burr, which was celebrated at Hotel La Mariposa.

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and emotional days of your life, filled with love, happiness and unforgettable memories.

Costa Rica has grown into the perfect destination to celebrate your dream wedding, as well as being able to enjoy a honeymoon here that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We had the privilege of holding Mindi-Elyse and Kyle’s magical wedding here at the Hotel Mariposa on 1st December last year. Accompanied by family and friends, Mindi-Elyse and Kyle showed us how it is done. They chose Hotel La Mariposa because of its outstanding natural beauty, and because of its unparalleled views of the Manuel Antonio National Park. From here we relish the best sunsets in the whole of Costa Rica.

The couple arrived at the hotel a few days before the big day, making the most of their surroundings to relax, visit the beaches of Manuel Antonio, and get to know some of the most beautiful bits of Quepos province.

A few days later, the relaxation gave way to excited happiness mixed with nerves as the long awaited moment grew closer. One of the most important days of their lives: the time to say “I do”. 

The bride boasted a gorgeous white wedding dress for the occasion which made beautiful contrast with the green and blue backdrop of the island. The groom, in his turn, dressed in an elegant beige suit, completed the picture-portrait scene.


As you can see transmitted in the accompanying pictures, the love and togetherness of those special moments – all under the attentive gaze of the wedding guests – was tangible.


The happiness of the bride and groom, the surroundings of the wedding venue, with sunset views of the Pacific Ocean, and the spontaneous presence of other wedding visitors such as the hummingbirds, toucans, and butterfly, all contributed to make their day something unique and unforgettable.


Soon the ceremonials gave way to a bespoke wedding banquet which had been designed and created exclusively for the wedding guests. It took place under a clear sky in which it seemed even the moon and the stars wished to play their part in the celebrations.


A big thank-you to Mindi-Elyse and Kyle for choosing us to help you to celebrate one of the most important days of your lives. We wish you all the happiness and fulfilment in your life together, and we look forward to a possible return visit when we might get to meet the family that your future may bring.

At La Mariposa we always have faith in the magic of our hotel and the professionalism of our team. From here, surrounded by the unspoiled natural beauty of Manuel Antonio National Park with its wonderful diversity in flora and fauna, we can offer events that are a treat to all five senses. Bring your senses alive so you miss nothing and feel everything.


At Hotel Mariposa observe nature’s intense shades of green and other rich colours, feel the tranquility of the setting, and enjoy the privilege of breathing pure ocean air.