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The vacation of your dreams is at ¡Hotel la Mariposa Manuel Antonio!


Costa Rica is a country full of vitality, peace, with wonderful places to enjoy such as forests, jungles, rivers, volcanoes, beaches and hidden places to explore with beautiful landscapes, but if you thought that was all, you are wrong the Hotel La Mariposa Costa Rica is paradise at the highest point of Manuel Antonio.

The amount of landscapes offered by the coast, the beautiful beaches, the flora and fauna, the quality of its people, the stunning sunsets and panoramic views of the Mariposa Hotel will make you fall in love with Costa Rica, not for nothing has gained so much popularity among tourists from around the world, wherever you go, everyone will talk about their stay in Costa Rica, and the paradise that is the Mariposa Manuel Antonio Hotel. 

Manuel Antonio Park is one of the protected areas of Costa Rica that receives the largest amount of national and international tourists, but if we talk about a paradisiacal place where you will feel in the sky, is the majestic Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio, quality, excellent service, comfort, comfort, tranquility and beauty in all its splendor.

When you enjoy Costa Rica, your day will be full of excitement, fun and tranquility, because in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica you can do multiple activities such as recreational charts, snorkeling, sunbathing while relaxing, take a dip, see humpback whales, dolphins, make stops in different places such as the popular Bay of Biesanz, walks through the rainforests, or go into the cloudy forests to see the beautiful flora and fauna, enjoy the nesting area of birds, and more, because if on the contrary you do not want to leave the Mariposa hotel you can take a dip in its infinity pool, go to the prestigious restaurant Le Papillon enjoying the best view while delights with the best cuisine, and more, much more, here is only guaranteed to enjoy.

One of the biggest advantages of La Mariposa Hotel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is that despite being a hotel at a high point, has easy access to many areas, you can even walk to the beach that you are just minutes away, or the Mariposa Hotel will provide transportation, plus there is the Manuel Antonio National Park that offers you many activities to do with the family.

What are you waiting for? Come to the paradise in the clouds called La Mariposa Hotel Manuel Antonio.