Whale Watching in Costa Rica | When & Where to See Whales in Manuel Antonio Tour


Whale and dolphin watching in Costa Rica is one of the most unique and interesting water-related activities you can do during your vacation. One of the ideal locations for whale watching would be the coast of Quepos and Manuel Antonio on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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In the warm Pacific Ocean, you can see migrating humpback whales and common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, long-snouted acrobatic dolphins, and spotted dolphins.

Usually, the whale watching season begins in August and ends in November. And during these months, the ocean is warmer and braver than the rest of the period. December to July is the low season for whale watching, although whales can be seen during the period.

Nobody gets you closer or faster. Board one of our high-speed catamarans and discover your first whale in about an hour.

Pounce on the whales !

  • Whale watching with maximum comfort.
  • Dive
  • Refreshments
  • Round trip transportation
  • Lunch and drinks
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency contact number
  • Life jackets
  • Water

Sail with us for the whale watching experience of a lifetime.


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