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Manuel Antonio Park Hotel

If you are looking for your ideal destination for the best vacations, Costa Rica will be an option that will fascinate you, especially if you are looking to relax and enjoy nature. There are many Hotels and Resorts in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica so you can stay and have a complete and good statistic, but if you have a tight budget, cheap Accommodations in Manuel Antonio are a good option, speaking of one of the best Costa Rica Hotels, as is the Mariposa Resort Costa Rica and that in this way you can make your dream adventure trip, with your family, friends or couple, with beautiful surroundings and places for excursions, which will make you feel an extraordinary adrenaline rush! Prepare your heart rate!

Costa Rica has become one of the most sustainable countries in the world thanks to tourism, that is why we invite you to visit it and discover the beautiful flora and fauna, detect a tropical exotic beauty where you will fall in love, more if you love nature, also stay in the luxury Hotels in Manuel Antonio. There is no doubt that traveling to this wonderful paradise, such as the Pacific Coast, is the ideal trip for nature lovers and adventurers.

Come to make the impressive adventure tourism in the most beautiful jungle landscapes that this beautiful land has to offer. Costa Rica is considered a tropical rainforest, with huge volcanoes, beautiful paradisiacal beaches bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it also has one of the greatest biodiversity to make routes through its natural parks, tales such as river rafting, horseback riding for its immense lands and the most fascinating and comfortable Cheap Accommodations Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, among other things.

¡Do not let them tell you, come and live the adventures that the beautiful Pacific Coast offers you and stay at the Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Accommodations!


You only have the obligation to find the places to stay in Costa Rica, but it is an easy task since in the Mariposa Resort Costa Rica you will have the best stay of your life. Undoubtedly among the cheap accommodations in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, this is where you can live adventure tourism and hiking in the Natural Parks.

In beautiful Costa Rica all natural areas are protected, among which you will find 20 parks and 8 nature reserves. One of the most visited and undoubtedly the most beautiful, is the Manuel Antonio Park, located in the province of Puntarenas, in this park you can observe its fascinating animal world and enjoy its wonderful beaches. In this beautiful ecological scenario, you will find 352 species of birds, 109 of mammals and 346 plant species, which will make your stay magical because of its beautiful and immense biodiversity.

We guarantee adventure and fun in the Lodge  in Costa Rica near Manuel Antonio National Park!

Come and go through the facilities of the Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, where you can take a magical, unparalleled and unforgettable experience of the beautiful Pacific Coast, in addition to having the best Luxury Accommodations in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, despite That this is a small town has the most beautiful and extensive coastal surroundings. Considering this in Costa Rica you will find several Hotels on the Pacific Coast in Manuel Antonio, where you can enjoy the most fascinating and incredible stay, visit La Mariposa Hotel Costa Rica reviews to confirm for yourself the opinions of all the visitors that have passed for our facilities and have been satisfied.

Come and live the magical experience of Pura Vida in the beautiful Pacific Coast in the Beach Hotel Near Manuel Antonio National Park‎!

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