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Looking for Accommodations
in Manuel Antonio

If you are traveling, to any country or destination, the most important thing is the place where you stay is important, that is why if you go to Costa Rica, always look among the best Accommodations in Manuel Antonio, which vary in spaces, location, luxury and more, all designed to enjoy at any time of the year located in the surroundings of the Pacific Ocean, as is this incredible Luxury Hotel in Manuel Antonio, Hotel La Mariposa that have spacious and totally comfortable rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzi, Wi-fi, private bathrooms, balconies overlooking the sea and exquisite cuisine where you can find various food dishes to taste the type you want.

The Hotel La Mariposa Costa Rica is among the best Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, this will not stop surprising you, with its splendid facilities, always having something innovative to offer, with majestic ocean views, located near natural areas, which provide a greater tourist interest for its natural parks, such as Manuel Antonio National Park and the various protected areas in the surroundings.


Our Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica has an extraordinary service by its staff that will meet each of its requirements, focused on meeting and meeting all the expectations of the guest at the time of accommodation within the facilities from activities, care and more , it is inevitable that as a guest to be surrounded by these wonders, not feeling satisfaction, it is also a Hotel near Manuel Antonio National Park about 5 minutes, which is recommended and very favorable, since it is one of the main tourist attractions from Costa Rica.

At Hotel La Mariposa we offer you high quality services, and with perfect areas that will make you never want to leave. Starry skies, sunsets, fresh and natural air, trails and forests, nature, exquisite cuisine, and many more activities that will entertain you, this is how Costa Rica makes you feel, and more the Hotel La Mariposa, where you have a privileged view of the Pacific Coast, with the abundant nature around.

Come and spend a fantastic stay at our Manuel Antonio Costa Rica hotel Boutique, Hotel La Mariposa, where you will relax and have fun, you can also enjoy the practice of Ecotourism.