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Live the best adventure in one of the best hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

This abundant country is dividing two oceans and presents a varied orography, this originates contrasting climatic conditions. Due to this variety of climates and the isolated topography, Costa Rica offers a great diversity of microclimates that make it a very interesting country to the sight of tourism worldwide, because here you can enjoy the heat and cold, know from beaches, forests, waterfalls, rivers and mountains.

The La Mariposa Hotel is capable of offering magnificent views and also has a range of dishes to delight guests.

In our facilities you can find the best outdoor restaurants located 1,000 feet above the magnificent blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the bay studded with islands and the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Although we like to innovate in terms of recreation dynamics for guests, at la Mariposa Hotel, we always look for the best of the best, not for nothing are we one of the best Hotels in Costa Rica, that’s why we always have the best service.

This beautiful place in Central America offers you wonders so that you have the best experience, do not keep thinking, make the best decision and Stay in Costa Rica, where you can enjoy many things to do and thus have the perfect trip. So, if you go to Costa Rica, look for the best hotel in Manuel Antonio, such as Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Hotel.

So if you are going to consider going to the Pacific coast, you should carry light clothing, from swimsuits, bandanas, flip flops, pajamas, socks, shorts, t-shirts, to sweaters or jackets, button shirts, long pants and boots or shoes for hiking and taking a walk. You cannot go unnoticed carrying repellent, to prevent any insect bites, sunscreen, to enjoy the wonderful beaches around our Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Lodging.

This beautiful Costa Rica accommodation is majestically designed so that visitors can have a good impression and have an excellent experience of the place. As a Costa Rica Hotel Resort, La Mariposa Hotel is located in a privileged place in the highest point of Manuel Antonio at a great height, which will awaken travelers’ curiosity for a wonderful and unique structure, it has an excellent location where You can have a better view of the most beautiful coastal surroundings

It is also important to know that from the Best Hotels in Costa Rica you can observe one of the most beautiful sunsets, creating an unforgettable experience for you.

Stay in Costa Rica is the best thing that can happen to your vacation, even more if you are a lover of extreme aquatic activities and where nature abounds; That is why looking for cheap accommodation in Manuel Antonio is a very good option, since being there you can from sailing through the Port of Quepos on a Catamaran Tour in Costa Rica, enjoying the vastness of the sea and knowing its crystalline waters, to immerse yourself in the jungle and see the most exotic animal species.