Hotel La Mariposa your ideal destination

Hotel la Mariposa, Your ideal destination

Costa Rica abounds with peace and vitality. In this country you will find beautiful natural places to visit, you have forests, jungles, rivers, volcanoes, beaches and remote places to explore the different environments that make more than one visitor fall in love, but if you don’t want to waste a minute of your trip, there is a site specialized in offering you the greatest experience linked to luxury and comfort and is the Hotel la Mariposa Costa Rica , also called paradise at the highest point of Manuel Antonio. 

The color in the views offered by the coast, the crystalline beaches, the flora and fauna, the quality of its people, its stunning sunsets and panoramic views appreciated from the Hotel la Mariposa will make you fall in love with Costa Rica , for all these reasons and more, it has gained much popularity among international tourism and has become one of the preferred eco-destinations worldwide.

Wherever you go, know Costa Rica and the paradise that is The Hotel La Mariposa In Manuel Antonio will be a topic to talk about.

Manuel Antonio Park is one of the protected areas of Costa Rica that receives the largest number of national and international tourists , but if we are talking about a paradisiacal place where you will feel in heaven, there is the majestic Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio , where quality, excellent service, comfort, comfort, tranquility and beauty merge in all its splendor.

If you like adrenaline, when you travel to Costa Rica , your day will be full of excitement, fun and tranquility, since in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica you can do multiple activities such as recreational talks, snorkeling, sunbathe while you relax, take a dip, see humpback whales, dolphins, enjoy the bird nesting area , make stops at different places such as the popular Biesanz Bay , hike on trails within tropical jungles, or venture into cloud forests to see beautiful flora and fauna and more. But if your idea of ​​knowing Costa Rica is not so adventurous, just stay within the facilities of the Hotel la Mariposa in Manuel Antonio and enjoy the comforts that they offer you. Dinner at the prestigious Le Papillon restaurant while you watch the best view of the sunsets in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. At Hotel la Mariposa the only guarantee is your complete satisfaction.

One of the highest advantages of the Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is that despite being a site at a high point in the area, It has easy access to many areas, you can even walk to Manuel Antonio beach. However, the team of the hotel La Mariposa Hotel offers you the transport service from their facilities.

What are you waiting for? Come to this paradise called Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio.


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