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Discover the marine life of Manuel Antonio

¿Are you passionate about marine life, and exploring its beauties? You’ve come to the right place, and even more to Costa Rica!   Once you stay at the Mariposa Hotel Manuel Antonio you have an open world of possibilities to enjoy the best of Costa Rica. 

The Hotel La Mariposa Manuel Antonio is a hotel located in Quepos, Costa Rica, where you can rest, relax and spend luxury. The hotel La Mariposa has more than 30 years offering quality services, with staff that will make you feel at home.

Manuel Antonio enjoying the best panoramic view, its nature, and all the places of the best places of this natural park aboard a luxurious boat, where you will be able to enjoy a lot of marine life, like the popular humpback whales and dolphins, and at the same time when you want in the middle of the tour, submerge yourself in its deep crystalline waters and have the best snorkeling experience.

Have a day full of fun combining the best in marine activities, such as kayaking and snorkeling in the paradisiacal country of Costa Rica, known for its beautiful crystalline beaches, full of life, and rich in marine species unique in the world. Enjoy the wonder of nature and the sea as you venture into the Pacific Ocean and immerse yourself in the breathtaking marine life found in Biesanz Bay while diving among the coral reserves.

Without a doubt, whale and dolphin watching in Costa Rica is an activity that every tourist who visits the country enjoys, and without a doubt it is the obligatory stop in its tour by Manuel Antonio. The special area for whale watching would be in the central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and that is in Quepos, Manuel Antonio. The warm Pacific Ocean gives the chance to see this beautiful spectacle of humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, acrobat dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins and many more species, it is for her that many people come to enjoy in family this extraordinary event of nature in the season from August to November, as the sea is kept warmer for that time of year.

That is the best of Costa Rica that emotion and unforgettable moments are waiting for you, that is why the Hotel La Mariposa is your ally to rest and that the fun continues inside its facilities, enjoy the good food of its restaurant, sit down to watch the beautiful sunset or take a dip in its pool watching the Pacific Ocean, all together with your family.