Tours of Manuel Antonio, Quepos and More

Canopy Zip Lines Adventure

Canopy zip line is the most popular adventure sport in Costa Rica. Sail above the rainforest canopy on this exciting adventure. A spectacular river with spectacular waterfalls is the backdrop for these 21 carefully constructed platforms in the rainforest canopy. Traverse tree to tree and platform to platform using horizontal cable pulleys

On the morning tour, you will enjoy a delicious full typical Costa Rican breakfast before your safety lessons which will acquaint you with all the equipment you will use. You will be provided a safety harness and all instructions needed to make this adventure a safe one.

The tour operator has been thoroughly inspected and approved for safety, construction, and training by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. After you are properly outfitted, you will begin your journey. Glide from platform to platform on the zip lines that provide spectacular views of the different layers of the virgin rainforest.

At up to 40 km per hour, you will experience the same view as the many birds that fly through the rainforest daily. Expert guides assist you in this exciting journey and keep you updated on what’s going on around you, from the time you leave the ground, until you rappel back down to the forest floor on 3 separate rappel lines.

Soar over the rainforest canopy in this high energy adventure! After this exciting flight through the trees, you will hike a nature trail through the lush rainforest, culminating in a crystal clear pool where you can take a refreshing swim or just relax in this tranquil setting.

To complete your afternoon tour, you will be treated to a delicious Tico-style lunch.

Departure: 7:15 AM – 10:15 AM – 2:00 PM
Length: 4 to 5 hours
Requirements: Moderate physical condition.

Includes: Roundtrip transportation, Certificated & Bilingual Guides, necessary equipment, breakfast or lunch depending on the schedule.

What to Bring: Hiking boots or tennis shoes, Camera, comfortable clothes and towel, Either shorts or long pants can be worn.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

Not recommended for children under 5 years old

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Observe the abundance of wildlife with an experienced, naturalist guide in the most visited National Park in all of Costa Rica. Your bilingual, naturalist guide will point out the great diversity of wildlife you might otherwise have missed and will explain the history and geography of the area.

Lush tropical jungle, surrounding exquisitely beautiful, pristine beaches is your playground for the day. Manuel Antonio National Park, offers a great combination of rain forest, beaches and coral reefs. This beautiful park is home to sloths, three species of monkeys (white-faced, squirrel, howler), iguanas, and millions of colorful little land crabs. Some of the trails afford spectacular ocean views.

Our naturalist guides will take you on an amazing jungle experience. The goal of our team is to share and teach you about Manuel Antonio’s best nature secrets. Walk for about 3 miles on easy trails searching for unique animals and plants. During our tour you will learn about the symbiotic relationship between many animals and plants. Let us help you get your own ¨National Geographic¨ type photos with your digital camera through any of our top of the line spotting scopes. The size of our group tours is about 10 people maximum for each tour guide. Private tours can also be arranged and the price depends on the number of people for the tour. Within this magnificent landscape your guide will help you identify some of the more than 260 species of birds and 180 species of mammals that call the Manuel Antonio national park their home. Using a telescope, the exotic toucans, flocks of parakeets and parrots, and the vivid colors of tanagers and hummingbirds may be found camouflaged in the dense foliage. The highlight of your trip may well be everyone’s favorite jungle dwellers – the Manuel Antonio National Park’s numerous monkeys. The endangered Mono Titi and White Face Capuchin monkeys may be seen leaping from branch to branch, oblivious to the humans below, while the roar of the howler monkeys is often heard. Three-toed sloths, iguanas, raccoons, white-nosed coatis, agoutis, and other native mammals can often be seen amid an unimaginable variety of rare plant species. Spectacular hidden beaches and lush tropical foliage are the settings for this easy, informative hike.

Since your Manuel Antonio National Park fee is valid for the rest of the day you can take your time and relax in this wonderfully alive, yet peaceful place. Rejuvenate your body and spirit in the warm waters of the gorgeous secluded beaches.

Departure: 7:30 AM (From hotel lobby)
Length: 4 hours (Approx.)
Requirements: Some hiking ability

Includes: Roundtrip transportation, Snacks and refreshments, Park entrance fee, Bilingual & certified Naturalist guide.

What to bring: Hiking shoes, camera, binoculars, bathing suit, Towel, suncream and insect repellent.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

The park entrance fee is valid for the rest of the day. You can stay and enjoy the park and beaches on your own.

The adventure course was builtto be in harmony with its natural surroundings. You will feel immersed within the Costa Rican rainforest and experience its incredible biodiversity. We often encounter Blue Morpho Butterflies, Jesus Christ Lizards, Leaf Cutter Ants and other wildlife.

Costa Rica’s #1 Canyoning & Rappelling Adventure Tour.

A thirty minute drive through the countryside brings you to a base camp. From there you will be taken in a four wheel drive vehicle into the beautiful rainforest which marks the entrance of the tour. Your adventure takes place within 80 acres of protected land. The adventure course was built with great care so as to be in harmony with its natural surroundings. You will feel immersed within the Costa Rican rainforest and experience its incredible biodiversity. We often encounter Blue Morpho Butterflies, Jesus Christ Lizards, Leaf Cutter Ants and other wildlife.

On each segment of the tour you will be wearing specialized safety equipment. This tour provides the highest quality gear used for rock climbing and canyoneering. Everything you need to know regarding your safety on this tour will be explained to you in detail. For a tour that combines all the BEST elements of the most exciting adventure tours in Costa Rica.

Professional guides will lead you through an amazing adventure course that includes:

• Skilled Suspension Bridges
• Waterfall Rappelling
• Our Famous “Monkey Drop”
• Inclined Rappel
• Tree Climbing Ladders
• Canopy Tour Zip Lines
• Tree-Top Rappelling

Departure: 8: AM or 12: PM
Lenght: 4 hours aprox.
Requirements: Some hiking ability

Includeds: Round trip transportation, Snacks & Water,Lunch, bilingual & certificated guides, all equipment needed.

What to Bring: Tenis shoes, extra change of clothes, towel, sunscream.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

Kids older than 8 years old can experiece the tour.

Mangrove Forest & Monkey Watching Tour

Enjoy the fascinating Mangroves of Damas Island on this relaxing boat tour. This is without a doubt one of the most highly recommended tours in the area. This relaxing half-day tour begins just offshore of the Damas Island estuary, about 8 miles south of the city of Manuel Antonio.

You will be picked up at the hotel by your guide and driven to the Island estuary where is the dock. Depending on the time of departure, lunch can be served either before or after the tour. For your meal, you are given choices featuring seafood dishes, including fresh fish as well as beef and chicken entrees. Also, we have options for vegetarians and vegans.

After you leave the launch on your partially covered motorboat, you will glide along the fascinating canals of the estuary where your guide will provide comprehensive information about the complex, self-sustaining mangrove system, including the various types of mangroves found in Costa Rica. Before you know it, the boat will be brought to a stop as your guide spots something special for you to see. He may have spotted a rare silky anteater lounging in a tree, a two or three-toed sloth maintaining its image as one of the world´s laziest mammals, or a stunning iguana or two. This tranquil, fascinating tour will certainly be one of the highlights of your stay in Manuel Antonio.

Lenght: 4 to 5 hours approx.
Requirements: None. Great for all ages.

Includes: Bilingual & Certified Guides, Round trip transportation, breakfast, Lunch or dinner depending on the schedule.

What to Bring: Camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

Off Road ATV Adventures in Manuel Antonio

La Mariposa ATV tours take you deep into Costa Rica’s back country in the comfort of a 4-wheeler and with a guide. While you enjoy the bumps and all-terrain fun as you navigate streams and go off the open road, you’ll love the freedom to chart your own route through some of Manuel Antonio’s most pristine wilderness.

Experience the thrill of traveling on your own ATV into the mountains outside of Quepos, Costa Rica. Where you will enjoy the spectacular mountain views and the tropical rainforest as your bilingual guide leads you through rustic unpaved roads, giant African Palm Plantations, cattle farms, and typical towns such as Rio Seco, Naranjito, Villanueva, Sabalo and Londres. They will then take you to a breathtaking waterfall where you will have a chance to cool off in the refreshing crystal- clear water, and then continue riding up and down the winding mountain roads, all the while surrounded by the lush and beautiful tropical foliage. You will enjoy this family adventure tour in Manuel Antonio and Quepos.

Departure: 7:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Length: hours aprox.
Requirements: Children under parental supervision.

Includes: Four-Wheelers & helmets, Bilingual & Certificated guides, breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the schedule, roundtrip transportation.
What to bring: Driver License, light clothing, swimming trunks, sneakers, sunglasses, camera, binoculars and suncream.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

(Each ATV holds two persons)

Horseback Waterfall Tours

This is an adventure that you will treasure forever. You will see and experience some of the most beautiful sights you will ever see while riding horseback. Just imagine the family memories from this trip.!

Experience the true Costa Rican lifestyle in this unique horseback ride through luxuriant rainforest and rivers, ending in an unforgettable swim under spectacular waterfalls.

This beautiful half-day tour of horseback riding in Manuel Antonio features magnificent ocean vistas, an abundance of colorful birds and other wildlife, and an incredible double waterfallthat invites you in for a jungle swim. After picking you up at La Mariposa Hotel, your bilingual guide will take you to the Finca Brisas del Nara Ranch in the mountains north of Manuel Antonio where your horses will be waiting for you.

Your guide will help you discover the richness of the land and wildlife as you ride through primary and secondary rainforest, home of toucans, parrots, beautiful butterflies and animals of many species. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes… Whether you’re an experienced or novice rider, enjoying the peace and beauty of Costa Ricacountryside on horseback will be a truly memorable experience.

Afterwards you will enjoy a home cooked lunch in the typical Costa Rican style served at the Brisas del Nara Ranch where you can stay awhile and relax in their beautiful swimming pool.

Departure: 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM
Length: 4 to 5 hours.
Requirements: No horseback riding experience is necessary.

Includes: Bilingual & Certificated Guides, Round trip transportation, breakfast or lunch depending on the schedule.

What to bring: Long pants, tennis or hiking shoes, camera, sunscreen, hat, bathing suit and towel.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information

Quepos Sportfishing Experts!

Quepos and Marina Pez Vela is just minutes from the hotel; Quepos is among the world’s top destinations for Sportfishing. Home of the 2018 Offshore World Championship. The Manuel Antonio National Park and the offshore islands are overwhelming – imagine how you will feel catching a giant blue marlin!

Quepos Sportfishing prices are quite reasonable, and depend on how many people are in your group, where you go, the quality and size of the sport fishing boat, the equipment, the expertise of the crew, and the season. Quepos fishingcaptains usually consider a half-day of fishing to be about 4 hours on the water, and a full-day of fishing is about 8 hours on the water. On the morning of a typical trip, the captain will send a driver to Hotel La Mariposa to pick you up and take you to the Quepos pier. All of the captains in the Quepos fleet provide food and beverages onboard, so you only need a few personal items like sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and your lucky fishing hat.

After being whisked to your boat aboard a dinghy, your captain will take you offshore for marlin and sailfish, or inshore for roosterfish, red snapper, dorado and snook. Whichever trip you choose La Mariposa Hotel works with the highest quality operators in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area to ensure an once-in-a-lifetime experience for the best possible value.

Fishing charters includes: Captain and mate on board; all fishing tackle; diesel; bait and lures; beers; fruits; waters, sodas and lunch. Not included: Fishing licenses ($15 per person), and Boat crew gratuities.

Do you want a customized Sport or Fly Fishing package? We can arrange it. Ask our in-house fishing expert about fishing in Quepos and Manuel Antonio. We will be glad to assist you with a an feedback. Contact us regarding this vacation itinerary. If you need a custom package, do not hesitate in contacting our reservation department at:

Price is based for up to 4 people on the boat occupancy.

Fishing Seasons in Quepos and Costa Rica
  • Marlin: has its top month in October, but it’s also good in September and November; occasional blues and rare blacks are likely to be found any time of the year.
  • Sailfish: are best from the middle of December to the end of April when they begin moving north, but the big schools move in October. A few sails always show from June through September.
  • Tuna: are easily found throughout the year along the Pacific coast, but are more abundant from June to September. Most are 8 to 12 pounders but you can make catches in the 100 to 200 pound range as well.
  • Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) begins with the winter rains late in May that wash debris from the river mouths creating the inshore trash lines that dolphins favor.
  • Roosterfish: are better in the mouths of the Parrita and Palo Seco, the mouth outside Damas, around Dominical and Drake’s Bay. Best fishing is from June through early September.
  • Snook: are found in many river mouths along the coast, like the Naranjo and Savegre river. Best months are from July through November during the rainy season. Ask our in-house fishing expert about fishing in Quepos / Manuel Antonio
  • Red Snapper: January through July Is a hot time for Costa Rica Cubera Snapper but they are often taken year round. If you are a real Red Snapper fanatic you can try night fishing which can get you some monsters.

Whale Watch Experience of a Lifetime!


Whale and Dolphin watching in Costa Rica is one of the most unique and interesting water related activities you can do during your holiday. One of the ideal locations for whale watching would be Quepos and Manuel Antonio shoreline in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

In the warm Pacific Ocean, you can spot Spotting Migrating Humpback Whales and common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, rough-toothed dolphin, Spinner dolphins, and spotted dolphins.

Usually, the whale watching season starts in August and ends in November. And during these months the Ocean is warmer and braver than the rest of the period. December to July is the off season for whale watching although whales can be spotted during the period.

No one gets you closer, faster. Board one of our high-speed catamarans and spot your first whale in about an hour. Whoosh to the Whales.!!

What is included: Whale watching in ultimate comfort. Snorkeling, Refreshments, Round trip transportation, Lunch and drinks, First Aid box, Emergency Contact Number, Life jackets, Water

Set sail with us for the whale watch experience of a lifetime.

Whitewater Rafting Tours

Whitewater Rafting in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is the ultimate combination of beauty and thrills for nature lovers and adventurers.

Savegre River Rafting Class II – III Full day

Experience the unsurpassed beauty, luxurious vegetation and exploding white water on this full day tour for the adventuresome beginner and experienced rafter. You will be astounded by the awesome canyon and rainforest. River otters can often be spotted along the way. You will stop at a grand waterfall and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared along the riverbank by your guides. Enjoy with us our wild and untamed rivers, plunging through spectacularly beautiful, largely unexplored tropical wilderness.

Departure: 8:10 AM
Length: 3/4 day & Full day
Requirements: Good physical condition

Includes: Round-trip transportation, Bilingual & certificated Guides, Equipment needed, river snaks, lunch after the tour.

What to Bring: Bathing suit & sunscreen, tennis shoes or sandals with straps (no flip flops), neckstrap to secure glasses sun visor or hat, dry clothing, towel & plastic bag for wet clothes, disposable waterproof camera.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

* Not recommended for children under 6 years old

Naranjo River Rafting Class III – IV 3/4 day

For the advanced rafter, this exciting and refreshing ride through the Naranjo Canyon, a jewel of Costa Rica, will provide the beauty and thrills you expect in whitewater rafting. Beginning in the coastal mountain range near Quepos, the Naranjo River has cut a canyon blessed with natural beauty and Class III – IV rapids and is an ideal place for white water rafting. Riverbanks overgrown in the jungle, water clear as crystal and canyon walls that meet the water in 90° angles. You have to see it to believe it. The forest, water, canyon and sky make for an unforgettable day.

Departure: 8:10 AM
Length: 3/4 day & Full day
Requirements: Good physical condition

Includes: Round-trip transportation, Bilingual & certificated Guides, Equipment needed, river snaks, lunch after the tour.

What to Bring: Bathing suit & sunscreen, tennis shoes or sandals with straps (no flip flops), neckstrap to secure glasses sun visor or hat, dry clothing, towel & plastic bag for wet clothes, disposable waterproof camera.

Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

* Not recommended for children under 6 years old


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