Costa Rica “Sport Fishing Lovers” Country

Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries for the practice of sport fishing, due to the presence in our seas of three of the most sought-after species of this sport, an adequate infrastructure, and the tourist attraction, according to Henry Marín, Project Manager of the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation.

To promote sport fishing, the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation promotes responsible techniques that protect the animal´s integrity.

In the case of swordfish, fishermen are asked not to remove it from the water once it is caught; with other species it is requested to return them to the sea after being caught, using dissolving hooks.

“All practices are promoted so that the fish survives and is in good condition, because at the end of the day it is part of the sustainability of the activity: “that it returns to the sea to be recaptured,” explained Marín, president of the Costa Rican Federation fishing.

Costa Rica also promotes that this sport is classified as Olympic sport, for which it works together with the Panamerican Delegation of Sport Fishing.

The best spots for Sport Fishing in Costa Rica.

Some of the best places in the country for fishing are Quepos Beach in Manuel Antonio and Herradura Beach.

Characterized by calm waters, powerful fish, and breathtaking views, Manuel Antonio and Quepos is a trophy destination for sport fishing. Here, fishermen will be able to appreciate the three species of marlin – blue, black and striped.

Closer to the coast, rooster fish  as the most hunted fish among coastal species, including snapper, mackerel, among others.

Whether you are an old sea wolf or a young beginner, launching a line into the waters off Manuel Antonio will prove to be an exciting experience.

Throughout your adventure, you will be able to see sea turtles, dolphins and sometimes even gigantic whales.

The boats come equipped with friendly, bilingual guides, grade A equipment such as combat chairs, water wells, radars and fish finders.

The 6% of tourists who come to Costa Rica practice sport fishing, according to a study by the Federation.

This type of tourist spends an average of $ 3.2 thousand on each visit, according to the World Tourism Organization.

The activity represents an annual income of approximately $ 500 million in Costa Rica, 13% of the total generated by tourism.

The activity is the source of several facts, such as lodging services, food and sale of inputs, while generating income to the State through fishing licenses.

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