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Costa Rica Hotels Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast in Costa Rica has quickly become one of the most exciting destinations for this country. It is a unique area full of animal diversity, crystal clear beaches and beautiful forests.  Simply, it’s a perfect area for a totally unmatched sea experience, landscapes like these you won’t find anywhere else!

Along Costa Ballena you will be able to know a paradise in the planet away from the bustle of the city and the active citadine tourists. Thanks to the environmental laws in force, the hotels and resorts in the zone of the pacific coast in Costa Rica are focused in showing to the internal and external tourist the beauties and kindness of the jungles, forests and beaches in conservation, but in a luxurious and stylized way.

On the Pacific coast of Costa Rica there is a special and unique accommodation for each of our visitors, but among all stands out the Hotel La Mariposa.

With over 30 years of service, people may forget what you said, forget what you did, but never forget what you made them feel, and at Hotel La Mariposa in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica the mission is to create invaluable experiences, because when for an establishment the guest comes first, it will return.

The Hotel La Mariposa is a place that is at the height in relation price-quality and without leaving of side, they give an exceptional service in all the departments of the place.

The team sees their guests as guests at a party and they are their hosts, dedicated day by day to improving the positive experience of each of their visitors.

Explore Manuel Antonio National Park or let us guide you to one of the best adventures in Costa Rica!

If you visit Manuel Antonio Park, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, we recommend going in the morning, so you have plenty of time to explore trails, beaches and waterfalls. The trails are quite silent, allowing you to enjoy the sounds that nature offers. Little by little, as you go through its passages, you will see the animals that are found there in conservation, different birds, mainly toucans, multicolored quetzals, chameleons, butterflies and capuchin monkeys.

Monkeys are the biggest attraction in this area. As you enjoy the walk through Manuel Antonio Park, they will jump to you from one branch to another, or simply go to the beach and there you will be able to share with them more closely, since in this area you will find capuchins already used to interact with visitors without any fear in parks, making jokes, lying on branches and eating fruits.

La Mariposa Hotel offers a luxe service, so look no further. They have everything you need to make sure that the time you spend in this unique oasis in its class is quality time. Book now!

You will enjoy amazing panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean coast, Wifi, Dvd and cable TV, infinity pools with service in the area, bar and restaurant of category and endless views of the land and marine landscapes that surround them.

The Hotel La Mariposa is the best option to vacation in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.