Costa Rica a Pioneer Country in Sustainable Tourism

The privileged location of Costa Rica in the center of the American Continent with only 0.03% of the earth’s surface, contains 6% of the total world biodiversity.

Its natural wealth is impressive and, valued and being aware of this great wealth, we began to work for conservation and sustainable development.

Costa Rica is a pioneer country in the subject of sustainable tourism and the basis of this tourism development began in the 70s with the creation of the first national parks. Today, more than 30% of the country’s surface is protected by law.

Thus, sustainability in Costa Rica covers the following fields:

  • Protection and restoration of the environment.
  • A protection of local businesses so they can operate successfully.
  • Promote identity and cultural development.
  • Protection of natural resources.

In all this, therefore, tourism plays a fundamental and vital role in this sustainability. For this reason, Costa Rica tries to ensure that all actions are aimed at direct experiences for the traveler based on nature with adequate respect and balance towards the environment.

We are aware that every decision or action that is taken is important to maintain that balance.

At La Mariposa Hotel we consider that sustainability is not only a protection of nature and the environment , but a necessity for the survival of humanity.

In Costa Rica, this way of living and thinking in communion with the environment is an internalized state of mind, a deep belief, a deep respect and a priority.

Costa Rica is progressing every day towards sustainability that includes the variables of innovation and inclusion in tourism, focused on tourists who are increasingly looking for more experiences and not necessarily a product. Furthermore, this sustainability includes innovation and inclusion.

An analysis carried out by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute indicates that the country has 32 mini destinations that offer supply, demand, experiences, gastronomy, culture and are tourist spots with great development potential.

At a time where sustainability is already a state of mind, it is the way we do things, and the conservation of nature is undoubtedly the axis of sustainability, but in reality it is only part of it, because in essence, it is the combination of three human areas: environment, economy and society, creating a harmony between them.

There are more and more companies committed to the implementation of practices for the protection of the environment, achieving progress in the protection of the environment and natural resources as well as greater experience in the subject of sustainable development, becoming today a model and pioneer to world level.


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