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Best Manuel Antonio Hotels

In the Accommodations in Costa Rica you can find the Best Hotels in Manuel Antonio, where you can enjoy the best trip of your life, giving rise to the most wonderful and incredible adventures that you will find in our Hotels and Resorts in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, if you are looking for In the Places to Stay in Costa Rica do not look for it or think about it, Staying in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica will make your stay the best and by the way unforgettable, and it will be even more in our beautiful Hotel La Mariposa in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica .

Our Manuel Antonio Hotel Boutique in has to offer a wide range of services, enjoyment and last but not least of its exquisite food, with a wide variety of dishes, so you can enjoy watching the most beautiful sunsets, those small details are what you will have Of your stay in the place the best, without a doubt we guarantee that you can never forget your stay at our Beach Hotel Near Manuel Antonio National Park.

Costa Rica has to provide one of the best environments which have made the place of greatest tourist potential, the Lodge in Costa Rica near the Manuel Antonio National Park are usually the most attractive for the beautiful coastal surroundings that this beautiful town offers, the Manuel Antonio National Park despite being a small town is extremely wide in terms of nature, this has greatly influenced and promoted visitors to practice what is known today as ecotourism. Ecotourism is usually one of the most beautiful pleasures for nature lovers, also within it you can perform endless activities which are complementary to make the trip a magical memory.

Do not let yourself miss the opportunity to spend the best trip of your life, along with the essence  Pura Vida in the Best Hotels in Manuel Antonio such as La Mariposa Resort Costa Rica!

In the Costa Rica Top hotels in you can find the best Boutique Hotels in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, and from there the excellence of the La Mariposa Hotel Costa Rica reviews of each of its guests and the splendid stay that they offered in your Stay in Costa Rica.

Stay and Explore Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

In Manuel Antonio you have beautiful tourist attractions such as: Manuel Antonio National Park, La Macha Beach, Biesanz Beach, Nauyaca Falls and Ballena Marine National Park.

However, while you stay at La Mariposa Resort Costa Rica you can walk to the nearby beach, to perform these activities thanks to the immense habitat that surrounds it: zip line and rappelling tours, world class fishing, horseback riding, tours on four-wheeled motorcycles, rafting, sighting of humpback whales and dolphins and tours in the mangrove forest.

Come to Stay in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, we invite you to enjoy the best vacations and appreciate the most beautiful coastal surroundings that you can ever see, because the Hotels and Resorts in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica have a greater tourist interest due to the immense amount of flora and wildlife that surrounds them, covering a large part of the Costa del Pacifica in Costa Rica, creating incredible tourism potential in the place.